JP Clock

The "JP" Clock

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This is a fantastic project we've been requested by some people who want to spend a special gift to a former coworker.
The name of this lucky guy is "Jean-Philippe" that's the reason for the name "JP-Clock".
JP is a french guy living in Germany and he has a wonderful french accent. The only drawback when he talks is, that he repeats the word "ok" several times in every sentence.
So what the people were requesting was a simple counter that listens to him and count the word "ok".

Jean Philippe H.

Jean Philippe

A very nice idea and so we decided to create a prototype and see if it's doable.
We thought when we already have a box with a display, we can use it for more than just counting words.
So this was the featurelist for the "JP-Clock":

  • Word Counter (overall, words-per-day, word-per-day-highscore)
  • Alarm-Clock with DCF77-Time receiver
  • Control power outlets by voice
  • USB-Connection, for controlling a computer by voice or for firmware upgrades

So this box also can be usefull at home. 

Here are some pics:

First draft

 A very first draft.

Parts arrived 

All ordered parts arrived.


All parts assembled, housing is ready


Handmade, looks crappy - but works wonderfull - hey it's a prototype

Working Prototype 

The Prototype working.
Currently we are writing the firmware and do testing and bugfixing.
Then we will design a PCB and make a kit available for hobbyists.

X4U - Quality made in Germany
You have the idea - we will build it