Ghost Control Box

A Controller for Fun Parks, State Fairs and Hounted House Trains

Tags: electronic, oktoberfest, wiesn, geisterbahn, schausteller

This Box is a control unit for fun fairies and haunted house trains. It controls sound&lights and mechanics.
The onboard MP3-Module and a powerfull Amplifier brings superior sound quality in new dimensions.

Some features:

  • 4 Programmable Power Outlets
  • MP3 Soundmodule with Micro-SD-Card
  • Steel case for rush environments
  • 100W Power Amplifier
  • Waterproof Speakers
  • Compact size
  • Fuses for each Channel
  • Volume Control
  • Solid State Relais for Zero-Crossing
  • Hirschmann Connectors

Below you can see some pictures of the Control Units:

 Ghost Controller 

A Few Boxes

Electronic Steel Case open

Electronic, Power Amplifier                                             A Box, Steelcase open